The Opening Act

Recorded by Accident
Arranged by Chance
Produced by Intuition

Opening Tracks

Cover and comix by Whiz Kid Francisco
Mastered by Chris Sansom at Living Room Mastering
Recorded at Spydeberg Solstudio assisted by Amos
Additional recording done by Lars Horntveth; Track 1
Web Page by Bjørn Melbye
Ministry of Promotion: Gry Bråyømyr & Jeff Wasserman

All songs by Martin Hagfors except:
"Kids on a Bridge" (Finsrud/Hagfors) and
"Dog in a Tavern" (Olsson/HAgfors)

All songs © Manus/NCB

Financed in part by Fond for utøvende kunstnere

All glory to Father Seb

Thanks to everybody!

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