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In The Motorpsycho Family

"Me & My Buddy" just love music, so recording this album was like a vacation.
Last years HGH lineup, recorded "Pignoise" with just one mic straight to tape.
This year we decided to use the same tape deck but use both tracks on the old ¼" reel-to-reel.
This gave us the opportunity to expand the duo sound with an extra track for overdubs. Yep two tracks! I guess that qualifies for multitrack recording.

I drove up to Trondheim on New Years eve. 2000 and at 10 am on New Years Day we started recording. We set up studio in Geb's living room, a small room in an old wooden building in downtown Trondheim.
We kept the fire going and the tape rolling and finished up midday on the 3rd of Jan.
I took the tapes with me down to my Home Groan Studio and tweaked what little there was to tweak and presto! "Trash Grass" was born, painless and fun.
Trash grass is what we've decided to call our special blend of music; it makes sense to us anyhow..

Martin Hagfors