HGH - Pignoise
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vocals, guitar, mandolin, dobro
vocals, banjo, saw, citterharp, guitar, ukulele
vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica

Files for download

  • Old Banjo (Haugen/Hagfors)
  • Wet Your Lips (Gebhardt/Hagfors)
  • Excuses (Haugen/Hagfors)
  • Rosewood Brown (Gebhardt/Hagfors)
  • Devil In The Floor (Gebhardt)
  • Dirt Poor (Hagfors)
  • Apple Tree (Gebhardt)
  • Flack, Flack, Flack (Hagfors)
  • Paranoia (Hagfors)
  • Who Placed The Ark in Arkansas? (Hagfors/Haugen)

All tracks recorded Nov. 1 & 2 1999 in a mountain cabin in Hallingdal Norway using one mic straight to 1/4" tape, no overdubs.
Stompbox, noise and digital editing done by Gebhardt and Haugen.
Intitial recording and tweaking done by Hagfors.

Selected songs in Real Audio format